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Reading other question I read that to get this achivement I have to complete succefully the tasks Mens What's Broken 100 times, that consist in use a Broken Dream in a , but I wanna know where is the most safe spots to do this task, and also a safe spot to collect those Broken Dreams.

Thanks in advance.

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In my opinion, there is no safe place, but I can prompt you to accomplish these achievements as quickly as possible :)


Below is my suggestion. 

The best place to collect Broken Dreams is near depot and temple. You can collect them while standing afk in protection zone. 

Here :

And one of the better places which is located at here :

Running to the NPC for the road you can find a lot of these glowing trees from which you can collect Broken Dreams.

Half-Buried Face   you will find in these places (marked on the map with a skull):

In the place marked with red circles there are a safe spot on the stairs.

My way is that you run quickly to every face, use this energy bomb or energy wall in critical situations. By the face I stand on the energy bomb to be able to quickly recall the butterfly. In this way I achieved the achievement very quickly. Unfortunately, we can carry out missions every 2 hours so it is time consuming after all.

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I was making the achievement this way! Very well explained!
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Great! In my opinion this is the best way. My friends also used it.