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I was just answering this question where-can-i-kill-huskies-and-not-get-penalty and when I finished I just unlocked the bestiary of Husky, but when I check if I found a curious location "Darama Desert" as the following pic shows:

Do you know where exactly the Huskies can be found at Darama Desert? If anyone could provide a screenshot with the locations that would be really useful.

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Oh my gosh, I went on a search for you for like an hour. If anyone finds out, please let me know. Lmao
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I think this question is really really interesting and I also tried to find the answer.
My conclusion so far:
If it says "Southern Darama Desert" it is for sure the desert in Ankrahmun because I checked the Map (where it says Southern Darama Desert") and I checked other creatures which spawn there (for example Dromedary). So with Southern Darama Desert there is no Tomb or anything else meant. In my eyes it has to be on +/- 0. I ran around and tried to find it but no Huskies yet. Has someone another idea?
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I was thinking that maybe it was related to the First Dragon, but so far I haven't seen any husky. I don't really know where they can appear.
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Interesting! I've never noticed this

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The Mysterious Husky

The answer to this question is really simple. The time has come to explain this mystery. We can find some rare creatures in the Southern Darama Desert. We're talking about these monsters:

  • Poison Spider
  • Giant Spider
  • Tiger
  • Husky
  • Northern Pike
  • Shark
  • Jellyfish

Interesting isn't it? Spiders are the easiest to find. They are on some rock in the desert.

Shark, Northern Pike, and Jellyfish are located in a hard to reach area. This place is a house -  Low Waters Observatory. I was there for one of the TestServers.

What about the Tiger and the Husky? While doing the Nomads Land Quest, we may come across these creatures. Here's Tiger.

... and our mysterious Husky smiley

To clear all doubts I decided to write some additional information. As we know Nomads Land Quest takes place under the city of Ankrahmun. It's a little strange but the quest area is included in the Southern Darama Desert. Not the city. As evidence, I put a screenshot on which you can see the monsters that we can meet in Ankrahmun. You can clearly see that only monsters from Serpentine Tower are present in the Ankrahmun area. There is no Husky there.

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If there's something strange,
In your neighbourhood
Who you gonna call?
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This make me wonder What is a Husky doing in the middle of the Ankrahmun City?
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woow! that's amazing :D
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TibiaSecrets strikes again!
Great information