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Do you know where exactly the pickable version of the Dew Kiss Flower can be found? If anyone could provide a screenshot with the locations that would be really useful.


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I still have no idea where are the exactly spots...but if you wanna do some... 'cheat' it is super easy to get the 'white flower' of the first mission of what a foolish quest, that looks exactly as the dew kiss flower (but you can't stack them)
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Many thanks for the hint Beix. I might get one of those then, while we try to discover where the real ones are hiding. :]
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I suggest to add the graphic of item about which you ask in future, would be easier :D
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Thank you for the suggestion Pochwalona, I have added an image. :)

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From my understanding and others, this is just a rumor. At this moment it's not confirmed that anyone owns the Dew Kiss Flower itself - but a replica of a flower that looks exactly like the Dew Kiss Flower as it has the same sprite! This flower is called a White Flower. In which it is obtained during, "What a Foolish Quest - Mission 1"....

Mission 1 - First Mission

When Bozo tells you to cut a
White Flower
from the
White Flower Temple
), head to the south gate of Thais. From there, keep heading south until you reach a river. Then, go around the river and head further south until you see the small building. Cut one of the flowers there. When you try to cut a wrong flower, the following message appears:
This flower is too pathetic. When you cut the correct flower the following message appears: The stubborn flower has ruined your knife but at least you got it.

White FlowerYou see a white flower. It weighs 0.10 oz.



Rumored to be from a floor reset in Oramond, however not confirmed. I did leave a comment asking to clarify the item in question.


Tibian Thread here also discussing if this item is possible to obtain, commentors also wrote it is from the first missions of "What a Foolish Quest"


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TibiaWikia says that you can find them almost all grassy areas in Tibia.

So I think it wont be hard to find them , but I will research more.

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Thank you Zupakode, although I think most of them will not be pickable and just a few will. Beix mentioned here: https://www.tibiaqa.com/2178/what-items-can-be-found-after-a-world-reset?show=2178#q2178
that pickable versions can be found in Oramond. I went there but I cannot find where they are (maybe someone already took them). I checked both in the city and outside where the minos roam.