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imageI'm looking to kill some Bats to complete my bestiary but also to loot some Bat Wings for The Bewitched event. Please assist me by telling me the location of where to find the largest spawn of Bats and the amount located there, thank you!image

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I think that for now the best place to finish bestiary on Bats is the way to Drume on Bounac.

You will find there about 20 bats (probably 18, but I'm not sure), so I think this option let's you complete bestiary really fast and it's worth to mention.

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Oh, I didnt have the opportunity to kill bats here, on my server is so many people around there all the time, I guess this is worth on Servers where dont have so many players online.
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Bona is one of the most crowded non-pvp and it's always full resp :P
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Hi Shawtay!

The largest respawn of  that I know is at Thais Bat Dungeon, here. There is around 21 bats.

And also at Edron in the cave of Sir Valorcrest there respawn around 12 bats.

Sources: Tibiopedia