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I'm debating where to go to complete warlocks in the bestiary. Can you tell me which spawn would be best? I understand its probably better during rapid respawn but I'm looking for a perfect spawn for this situation.

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I think the good old Demona is still the best Warlock respawn...

There is also warlock at Inquisition, in "The Arcanum", but I do not recommend it... because there are many other creatures with it.. Diabolic Imps, Lichs, Djinns, Demons, Undead Dragons... Making it extremely annoying to hunt there!

Plus, in Demona there are many corners in which you can trap the Warlocks. In the Arcanum the rooms are circular, so there is no good corner, they will run away. Thats why I recommend Demona!

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Yes you are right, this is in my opinion the best place, I recommend doing it  on a rapid resp  and take one friend to help :)
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I did my warlock bestiary on rapid respawn in Yalahar. Here is the link, so you can see the place:


All you need to enter is soil in your backpack to pass the gate.

I like this place because its quite small so your warlock when invisible, won't run far away from you and you can always trap in it a corner. Also, it's really close to the city.

And even though the place is so small on rapid it was enough even for me and a druid friend. 

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Oh I love that spawn thanks for sharing way easier than walking to demona if your in a rush
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Yeees! I hate the way to Demona and on rapid this one was perfect :D Enough wrlcs and I'm a 460 RP!
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Thinking about only killing Warlocks, as Fire said,  the best option for sure is Demona specially during Rapid Respawn. Just take with as much supply as you can because it's really far.

The Arcanum from Inquisition quest is a good option to go with a team thinking about to kill all the cratures that you will find there: Liches, Vampires, Efreets, Braindeaths, Warlocks, Diabolic Imps, Hands of Cursed Fate, Demons, Undead Dragons.