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I'm looking for the spawn with the most Cyclops Drones. Any idea on where I should hunt?

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There are 3 notable places to make Cyclops Drone  (as well as other kind Cyclops) bestiary:

1) Mount Sternum (FACC area)

2) Cyclopolis

3) Mistrock

Mount Sternum is good only in case, when you character doesn't have PACC. In any other cases we can consider it as the smallest place with the poorest respawn. You won't meet many Cyclops Drones there. What is more this place is always occupied by low levels without premium account.

Cyclopolis, north from Edron is nice and comfortable to hunt especially if you're a really low level. That's why it is often very crowded. Unfortunately the higher level you are, the worse it is due to the very narrow ways. It is definitely much better place if you don't want to take a lot of monster on yourself.

Mistrock is the best for higher levels.you will find there level 0, +1, +2, +4 and +5 with huge amount of Cyclops Drones in assist of other kind of Cyclops. You don't have to wait for rapid respawn, since you won't be bored even with normal spawn.

Here are examples of a map:

source: https://tibiopedia.pl/monsters/Cyclops_Drone

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For all the Cyclop types I would go to Mistrock  as there is a big spawn and many of each type. Also on Mistrock you will hardly encounter any other types of monsters, which mean you will spend more time killing cyclops and not other creatures.

The Cyclop drones are pretty much all over the place and often comes along with normal Cyclops and Smiths :)

If mistrock is crowded you could go to Cyclopolis in Edron. If you go down to floor -2 you will find all 3 types of cyclopes. The down side with this spawn is that there is several other monsters there and thus you will spend less time on cyclopes.