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I'm trying to unlock Mutated Bats but very disappointed in a lot of spawns so far. Is there any spawn you recommend that is the best for bestiary? I cannot believe we need 1,000 :(

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There are some nice places, I killed mutated bats together with mutated tigers in The Unwary Mage - Fire Portal  but you have to finish The New Frontier Quest and access to the portal in  Quest Forgotten Knowledge.

I also recommend going to the Souleater Mountains. There are a large number of bats as well as souleater and other monsters

There are many other places but in my opinion these two are the best to complete a bestiary.

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how many are there? do you know
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There are about 20 of them on the portal,  there are also a lot of them in the mountains.  There are certainly many more of them than, for example, Yalahar.