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I would love to finish all types of pirates in my bestiary and Pirates Corsair are the last ones. I would be really grateful if someone share knowledge about the best Pirate Corsair spawn.

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The best spawn for Pirate Corsair would be in Krailos. This is a mini world change that is not announced so the only way to see if it is active it is to go and check. 

If this world change is not active the next best spot would be in the upper floor of Nargor during rapid respawn.


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These are the best spawns hands down. Totally recommend waiting for the mini-world change because in Nargor there is certainly not a lot, even during Rapid it's troublesome.
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I completed the 1000x in Krailos spawn, however this spawn is random, so may need to check daily in case pirate ship is there.


You can watch this video for more information: