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I'm looking for the best location of Centipedes to grab some Centipede LegCentipede Legs for the Bewitched event. Doesn't hurt to also knock them off of my bestiary. Please assist me by telling me how to get to the spawn and how many Centipedes I can find there.

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Hi Shawtay!

There is the 3 best places I know to kill Centipedes:

  • Dworcs Caves at Porthope: there you will find 22 Centipedes:

  • Porthope Swamps: there you will find 17 centipedes:

  • Tarantulas Cave PH: Here last one but not less important you will find 10 Centipedes.

Source: Tibiopedia

Hope this help you! :) and thanks for remind me about collect the items hahaha.