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If you could include all the ways to get to this door in Tibia (if there are multiple ways) and what creatures you will pass along the way it will be greatly appreciated.
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I'm sorry why was my question closed and downvoted earlier? Thank you. This information I cannot find anywhere just a map picture that won't help some players.
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I noticed it was closed as a duplicate of https://www.tibiaqa.com/1996/what-is-behind-the-level-999-door-on-banuta - but that was clearly a different question, so I re-opened it.

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The door of levels 999 can be found on Deeper Banuta, right here:

To enter on this cave you have 2 ways from the Secret Tunnel of Tiquanda o from the Teleport of Apes. In both cases you have to be done the Ape City Quest at least until the mission 9 for have access of those tp's.

Once you got access to banuta, there will be a wall to you go in:

To unlock it, you will have to use the levers ubicated of the following map with a yellow circle. I would like to recommend you follow the way I marked and use as the last, the lever infront of the wall, because it have time and it can close after some minuts if you dont do it faster.

The monsters that you will face inside Banuta will be:

  •  Bonebeast
  •  Frost Dragon
  •  Hydra
  •  Serpent Spawn
  •  Medusa
  •  Giant Spider

Once you press all the levers, the wall will disappear and you can enter:

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you didn't tell me what creatures are on the way
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My bad, I will add asap
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@shawtay Done! Let me know if is enough or if u need more information.
Hope this help you.
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The way to this door is the same way to finish The Ape City Quest (aka Banuta Quest). If you have Banuta's Secret Tunnel you can go through a short cut in Tiquanda and you'll be directly in last room of The Ape City Quest, this way all you'll need to do is push the levers like you did in The Ape City Quest. After pushing the last lever you'll find the 999 door in east. This way you'll face Medusas, Serpent Spawns, Giant Spiders, Hydras and Bonebeasts. 

If you haven't done Banuta's Secret Tunnel Quest, you need to do the same path you do when you're doing the last mission from The Ape City Quest, and you'll face all creatures ou face during this mission. 

Here's the links to both quests I mentioned: