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Today I was making boxes to get access to kill Jaul, in case he appears the next days, but I had to logout and now I dont remember how many boxes I delieved. There is possible to check how many boxes I deposit?

Thanks in advance.

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So far it is impossible to check it what I normally do is 10 crates just to make sure you can enter the lair, each 3 crates I use one of the hotkeys square and rewrite it each time I do 3 more. 3-6-9 etc so I can keep count in case I can't finish the 10 in a row.
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It is one of the most irritating part of this quest, because it is impossible to check it! That's why I suggest to get even more crates than you need in case when you're not sure - it is absolutely safe, and there are no further restrictions for players with more crates than 10. You can enter to the boss lair even with 15 crates.