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Today In my world we were opening last phase of the black liquid quest. And as you must know, you need to pick and deliver 10 crates full of coral to be able to enter the bosses' TPS.

But then I was told that I could use the cráte that someone else had picked. I tryed and I could deliver It.. but Will It count? Or Must I deliver only the ones I have picked bu myself?

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I've always heard that it wasn't possible, that would have to use your own crate. So, I believe that IF you could use it, then it will not count.


I researched and tibiawiki says the same, that it doesn't count.


Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Liquid_Black_Quest#Coral_Mine

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Ye, I always Heard that you even "couldnt" use, but you actualy can. Anyway I picked by myself 10 of them, just in case. Wanted to come here to know some opiniones first.
Thanks for the answer
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Yes, me too. But since you said you could use it, then I believe it is same case as the "tissue samples" from the Feaster of Souls quest.

For those who don't remember: in one of the first missions, you have to walk in a fungus floor that deals damage to you. Once you received damage, you could use a Scalpel to get a sample of the floor, and then bring 20 samples to the NPC. In this quest, if you tried to delived Samples cut by other players, it would not work. I guess it might be same case in deepling crates here.
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From my own experience it doesn't work, when you use a box picked from another player that won't count for you. You MUST pick all ten boxes the you use to have acess to the bosses.
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That's true.
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Hey, just to confirm this. You can technically "use" other person's crate but it won't count. We tested it several times with my friends.