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Today i noticed that is possible to bring a bucket full of sparkles out of the boss mechanism (Timira), those seems to dissappear after X ammount of time, but were interesting if we could provide these to other players in the queue (as long as that weren't bug exploit) so:

how much time these last?
is possible/legal give them to other players in the queue in order to them use it and skip some seconds?

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I can't say for sure but I think the answer is yes. I noticed this the other day when I did Timira right before I logged out for the night. The next day I logged in and was doing a few things before I went back to Timira and realized I had another bucket. Unfortunately it ended up disappearing before I went back to the boss so I was unable to test it. There may be some kind of mechanic though that will clear buckets out of your inventory when you enter the boss fight but will be nice if someone is able to test!

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I assume you're talking about the Timira boss fight.

Considering objects in Tibia have unique ids and each id has its own parameters with their own parameters, I don't see why it wouldn't work. Ultimately you'd have something like (numbers are just examples):

Bucket id: 564
Tile in the first room of Timira fight id: 345

Then the tile is probably coded like: "If id 564 is used on 345, do action X, otherwise do nothing"

I really doubt CipSoft has added some sort of validation for these, so they should work normally.
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were nice some kind of proof about bringing it to the room tho, but yeah it makes sense, also it doesn't count as bug exploit? is important to check that too otherwise we could end suffering and unpleasant moment

Btw update it to make it clear is for timira, ty.