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Hello Everyone!

Always when I go to bosses I never understand how they work. For example, Urmahlullu the Weakened, a couple times I was there with different teams and sometimes the most high levels get rewards but other times the ED's get the best rewards. The same thing happens with the new bosses from Feaster of Souls Quests and HOD bosses. So I wonder ¿What bosses that are part of the Reward System work with the cooperative loot system?

Thanks in advance.

 If you feel like I need to put a better explanation, please feel free to tell mewink I hope I explain myself well.

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I think the question is too big and should be part into "bosses random drop" and "bosses better drop by damage"

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Reward ChestReward ContainerAny boss that has a reward container in their loot that also can appear inside a reward chest is apart of the cooperative loot system which is also known as the reward system. There's some bosses that just have the loot in their corpse and not in a reward container, which means this boss isn't apart of the cooperative loot system.

How we know which boss works with the reward system differs from boss to boss. If you want to get an idea of how the reward system works for some bosses I urge you to check out this related question on TibiaQA: How does the loot in bosses with reward system works? Please note, Cipsoft won't tell us about the reward system in extreme detail.

I wanted to show you a quote from the Tibia forums by a CM:

The falcon bosses use the same cooperative loot system like other bosses that have a reward bag. This loot system has always (well, since its implementation in 2013) allowed various settings, e.g. how much do you need to participate to be eligible for a reward, is there a chance that an item drops for each player who meets the threshold or does it only drop for one of them etc.

The only "new" thing about the falcon bosses is that in addition to the cooperative loot system (all the stuff that can be in a reward bag), they can also have regular loot outside of that reward bag. This regular loot works like it does for all creatures and bosses that do not use cooperative loot. So in a nutshell: The falcon bosses combine both loot systems. The rares are dropped via cooperative loot, however. Hope this clarifies the matter.

Source: https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=38393397#post38393397

Here's a list of bosses that have a reward container in their loot:

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Reward_Chest