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What towns or cities dont have any rentable houses? I think theres a need more for houses on my server so I'm curious which places dont have any houses for rent.

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The cities without any house are: Roshamuul, Feyrist and Krailos.

But if you subdivide each city here is some especific places where don't have houses for rent:

  • Carlin: Folda, Vega, Isles of Kings.
  • Darashia: Darashia Surroundings, Drefia.
  • Porthope: Surroundings, Tiquanda.
  • Liberty bay: Laguna Islands, Nargor, Treasure Islands, Goroma.
  • Gray Island: Gray Beach and Quirefang (All hive place)
  • Zao: Steppe, Muggy Plains, Razachai, Vengoth.
In case u wanna know where are all houses on tibia, you can check it on you Cyclopedia  > Houses > There u can see all houses in all states.

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Well we have house at zao Eastern House of Tranquility >.<
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That is Farmine in Tibia Map isnt?
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  • Roshamuul
  • Krailos
  • Feyrist

Those places doesn't have a single house :)

Some places only have especial customized houses, tho... like: Farmine, Gray Island and Meriana