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Items with a "sparkling" effects can be found in Tibia. For decoration purposes, which would be the name of such items with this effect? Any color is ok for me, I just wanna know the names and images of the items! Thanks in advance.

One good example of such item is the Mighty Helm of Green Sparks:

Mighty Helm of Green Sparks.gif

Source: https://www.tibiawiki.com.br/wiki/Mighty_Helm_of_Green_Sparks

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I wanted to include all the sparkling items I can find or that I'm aware of. Just thought I'd give you the best list I could. Please note, some sparkling effects are different than others!

Sparkly items that NPC Black Bert can sell to you after you finish The Thieves Guild Quest:

The Dust of ArtheiThe Dust of Arthei The Dust of Boreth The Dust of Lersatio The Dust of Marziel

Spectral ClothSpectral Cloth

Flexible Dragon ScaleFlexible Dragons Scale

Sacred EarthSacred Earth

Mystic RootMystic Root

Lump of Sacred ClayLump of Sacred Clay

Magic CrystalMagic Crystal

Exquisite SilkExquisite Silk

Exquisite WoodExquisite Wood

Filled Carrying DeviceFilled Carrying Device

Old IronOld Iron

Strong SinewStrong Sinew

Sparkly items obtained via quests or for world changes:

Glooth PotionGlooth Potion

Lit Torch (Sparkling)Lit Torch (Sparkling)

Partially Charged LodestonePartially Charged Lodestone Highly Charged LodestoneHighly Charged Lodestone (Later I'm going to verify if this item disappears or not. Just thought I'd list it because it's actually pretty cool. To get this it's apart of the Spike Tasks - Geomantic Changes and you need to be level 50-79. So when I have a character this level I will try and edit this)

Special Flask (Stalker)Special Flask (Stalker)

Prepared BucketPrepared Bucket

Glittering YarnGlittering Yarn

Other sparkly items:

Friendship Amulet (Replica)Friendship Amulet (Replica)

Golden Newspaper (Replica)Golden Newspaper (Replica)

Mathmaster Shield (Replica)Mathmaster Shield (Replica)

*You can of course buy the real thing as well.

Engraved Wedding RingEngraved Wedding Ring

Small Enchanted EmeraldSmall Enchanted Emerald

Small Enchanted AmethystSmall Enchanted Amethyst

Small Enchanted RubySmall Enchanted Ruby

Small Enchanted SapphireSmall Enchanted Sapphire

Enchanted Chicken WingEnchanted Chicken Wing

Enchanted SpearEnchanted Spear

Trapped LightningTrapped Lightning

Dung Ball (Quest)Dung Ball

Golden BootsGolden Boots

Ultimate Mana PotionUltimate Mana Potion

Ultimate Health PotionUltimate Health Potion

Ultimate Spirit PotionUltimate Spirit Potion

Supreme Health PotionSupreme Health Potion

Crystal TableCrystal Table

Incredible Mumpiz SlayerIncredible Mumpiz Slayer

Mighty Helm of Green SparksMighty Helm of Green Sparks

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There is the list of items with that kind of effect, that I usually use for decoration:

  •  Dung Ball.
  •  Glooth Potion
  •  Glooth Farina
  •  Incredible Mumpiz Slayer