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Seems a silly question but actually it is not. Items like the ones obtained from Prey Hunting Points are attached to your account (you cannot sell it to anyone, like a Store item), but in other cases, you can receive some decoration in Tibia and they are not attached to your account (like the Ravens that you get from Bewitched event points).

During Orcsoberfest, as far as I know, people didn't know that decoration stuff that you get from Festive Points were attached to their accounts and this generated frustration for some players... Said that, what about the Golden Outfit Display? Is it attached to your account or not? This is important because it opens the possibility to sell or buy this item.

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Lol I didnt know the Orcsoberfest was attached with the account! Good to Know ty!
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Yeah, I didn't bother to trade my Festive Points after I discovered it last year.

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Searching about the Golden Display I found that It is attached with the character.

After you give the donation to King Tibianus, Queen Eloise or to the Emperor Kruzak they will give you as gratitude the golden display  and it will go to your Store Inbox.

So this means the item can not be tradeable.

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I asked my friend Emirate Chrix, who owns a golden outfit.

It goes to the Store backpack, meaning its account bounded and therefore cannot be sold.

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The Golden outfit display is attached to the character like any house furniture you purchase from the store so there's no possibility to change it or trade it with another character.