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Hello, I am curious to know if the Golden Outfit display has any special effects if used, if so what effects? Is it even usable? Tibia Wiki Br says it's usable but what do they mean?

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Hi, I found your YouTube video where the Golden Outfit Display is being used :) Source reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=8UBj776MLRs

Answering the question: It can be used only by owner of the Golden Outfit and Golden Outfit Display itself. When using, there is visible a shiny light effect and specific parts of the outfit (helmet or shoes&gloves) are being removed/put on, if you have bought the mentioned addons.
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Thought it was such a fun fact I had no idea until my friend told me. I thought it wasn't usable at all.
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Yep, I wasn't aware of this either! Maybe because it's still so rare to have Golden Outfit :)
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According to TibiaWiki.com.br when you click use on it, it changes it's appearance 3 times.


When it's used can change it appareance in 3 versions: 

  1. The Golden Outfit Display1.gif
  2. The Golden Outfit Display2.gif
  3. The Golden Outfit Display3.gif
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English please
I did use English, I posted it in Portuguese as a reference :)