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I love using items with cute effect when im hunting with friends, but im already bored of this one. And im looking now for items with similar effects to Golden Symbol of Suon. Do you know other items with nice/funny effects after we use them?

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Here you can see few nice effects:

By using Music Box Music Box

By using Shield of Destiny Shield of Destiny

By using Assassin Doll Assassin Doll

By using Panther Doll Midnight Panther Doll

By using Black Knight Doll  Black Knight Doll

By using The Rain Coat The Rain Coat

By using Party Hat Party Hat

By using Party Trumpet Party Trumpet

By using Painted Gourd Rattle Painted Gourd Rattle

By using Death Knell Death Knell

You can also check list of instruments here some of them have Green Notes Effect effect.

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My favorites!
Stuffed DragonPoof Effect Stuffed Dragon

Sweetheart RingHearts EffectSweetheart Ring

Bone FiddleWhite Notes Effect Bonefiddle

Sea EarBubbles EffectSea Ear (on a character)

HornBlue Notes EffectHorn

Please see for ideas:


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Wow, i didn't know about it;o Thanks !
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Oh you're welcome I didn't know until now either! I'd also check out the Ghostsilver Lantern it makes you look like your teleporting or using vis on yourself when you use it. Will be funny for hunts haha. Say "Im done" and use it and not move for like ever.
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Hahaha I will do that ! :D
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Where can I find a Sea Ear?
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many ideas, but maybe:Ghostsilver Lantern and  Dark Moon Mirror have effects too (:

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I personally like the combo of the Water Pipe (smoke effect) quickly followed by a (green toot) from a Party Trumpet as I run past people or I am sitting in the depot.
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I would add fansite item called Shield of Destiny which give you effect same as exevo mas san but only on you.(on 1 sqm) Looks like holy ankh ^^