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A real example is the Valentine's Day event in Tibia where NPC Valentina provides us with beautiful items to decorate, but my question is about the events, which event would I be able to collect more items to decorate? Be it fallen items from monsters, be it a doll, be it flowers or accumulated items.

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In my opinion it would be Orcsoberfest. We have there lots of items and furnitures to decorate our houses.


  • Decorative Blue Sheet item
  • Decorative Green Sheet Decorative Green Sheet
  • Decorative Red Sheetitem
  • Vealitem
  • Milk Churn Milk Churn Also by using it on monster "Cow" we can get Filled Milk Churn Filled Milk Churn
  • Cow Bell Cow Bell
  • Meat Hammer Meat Hammer
  • Beer Tap Beer Tap
  • Leberkassemmel Leberkassemmel
  • Plushies itemitemitemitemitemitem We can also get them by openig "lots".

Items for Festive Points:

  • Gingerbread Hearts Red Gingerbread HeartGreen Gingerbread Heartblue_gingerbread_heart They might be also changed into Inscribed "red/green/blue" heart with some cool text dedicated to a selected person. Hearts keep same spirit so.
  • Lots lots
  • All Knowing Sausages All Knowing Sausages
  • Wall Hangings  Red Wall Hangingsgreen_wall_hangingsblue_wall_hangings
  • Wooden CandelabraWooden Candelabrawooden_candelabra_greenwooden_candelabra_blue
  • Traditional Rack Traditional Racktraditional_rack_greentraditional_rack_blue
  • Traditional Table Traditional Tabletraditional_table_greentraditional_table_blue
  • Traditional ChairTraditional Chairtraditional_chair_greentraditional_chair_blue
  • Beer Barrel Beer Barrel
  • Unicorn WeisswurstUnicorn Weisswurst
  • Beer Mug and Empty Beer MugBeer MugEmpty Beer Mug
  • StockfishStockfish
  • Candy Floss Candy Floss
  • Leberkassemmel Leberkassemmel

We can also obtain during this event:

  • Lederhosenitem
  • Traditional Shirt Traditional Shirt
  • Traditional Neckerchief Traditional Neckerchief
  • Traditional Stein Traditional Stein
  • And probably this: Traditional Gamsbart Hat Traditional Gamsbart Hat
  • Tiny BassTiny Bass
  • Small Bass Small Bass
  • Bass Bass

Every type of fish we can change into  Stockfish Stockfish.

Also Thanks to new furniture called Podium of Renown . We can have at least without mixing them 4 different spirits inside our house.

Items on podium thanks to Orcsoberfest Event:

  • image
  • image
  • image
  • male outfit & female outfit

Total of 55 different items obtainable only during this Event. :>

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You can also get Inscribed Gingerbread Hearts with a personal message :)
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Ah yes! But they have same spirit. >.< Just diffrent name.
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JanuaryNew Year's Season- Unlimited Fireworks- Buy the cheapest Fireworks Rocket of the whole Tibia from Ned Nobel during the new year's season.
FebruaryValentine's Day and Masquerade Day-13 Items- Get your beloved a present from Valentina. Dress yourself up with Stan
MarchThe Colours of Magic and Orcsoberfest-13 Zaoan pieces, OrcsoberFest- 25 Items as an exchange with Xavier, 7 items from the lots, 
AprilMonth of PranksJester Doll only, Fool your friends with Hoaxette's wares. Fight Undead Jesters and give the parts of jester doll to Hoaxette to get a Jester Doll.
MayDemon's Lullaby7 different dolls. One per each character. 
JuneFlower Month7 different flowers- unlimited amount. Fight some Dryads and give seeds to Rosemarie to get a Flower Pot.
AugustCooking EventCook 14 meals with Jean Pierre.
SeptemberRise of DevovorgaNot really remarkable item reward. Defeat Devovorga.
OctoberHalloween and Orcsoberfest13 items- not really remarkable. Find the Halloween Hare, the The Mutated Pumpkin and carve some nice pumpkins.
NovemberLightbearerNot really remarkable item reward. Keep 10 lights lit for 5 days with Lucius.
DecemberChristmas21 items from Tokens. Possibility of getting rare items from Santa- once per character (29 items from Santa)  Get your present from Santa Claus, buy Christmas TreesChristmas CardsChristmas Bundles and other items only obtainable during this period of the year. Fight Grynch Clan Goblins and return the stolen presents to Ruprecht for a reward.