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Normally in Tibia if your character remains inactive in the game for more than 15 minutes, the character gets logged out automatically.

Lately due to the current situation, I am working from home, and I would like to stay online in the game, but every time I connect, the char drops out because I stay AFK for a while, so I wonder if I go to any of these places of Non Logout, will my char remain active on my screen after 15 minutes?

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Yes, if you are in a No-Logout zone your character will stay online (even if you close the client) until server save. I think the most accessible one with a safe area would be the entrance to the spirit grounds. Here is a listing I pulled from Tibia WIki. I included them below in case the URL changes some day but you can easily get more details from each one at the following link: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/No-Logout_Zone

  • Outlaw Camp/Water Elemental Dungeon (dungeon + surface island)
  • Sunken Mines
  • Orc Encampments
  • Chyllfroest
  • Zzaion
  • The Lightbearer reward room
  • Cake Keep Isle
  • Winterberry Cellar
  • Realm of Dreams
  • The Spirit Grounds and their entrances
  • Devovorga's lair
  • Exits from the Adventurer's Outpost on Dawnport
  • The areas past the Hive Gates
  • The final quest room of The Ape City Quest
  • Dr Merlay's room and the room before
  • Most boss rooms, such as Arenas