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Today I gonna face the new individuals bosses of the new quest The Feaster of Souls? What's the best strategy to face this 3 bosses:  Irgix The Flimsy;  Unaz The Mean and Vok The Freakish, as a mage 250.

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Good question :D
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Guys i falled so badly ahhahah i died in my way :(

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As a mage, you have to keep constantly running. Don't stand still and let the boss hit you freely. 

  • If you don't have summon, then throw energy wall on the floor and keep running, so boss keeps taking damage while he chases you. 
  • Use Grovebeast / Thundergiant but after boss is defeated wait a few seconds so they regenerate full HP
  • As a druid use the rotation:
    • 1 - Terra wave
    • 2 - Ice wave
    • 3 - Terra wave
    • 4 - Avalanche, then back to step 1
  • As a sorcerer use the rotation:
    • Energy wave
    • Energy beam
    • Avalanche
    • Avalanche, then back to step 1
  • Keep mana shield, they can basically headshot a low lvl mage
  • If you run very low on mana, put might ring on until your mana goes back up (always walking) 
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I would also suggest to kill Vok The Freakish the last, Simce he is the strongest one and he might make to kill the summon
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Thank you for your advice, but my summon didn't pass of the first boss xD hahhaha