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I have a house with two dustbin and a blackboard that I would like to decorate to hide them, could someone help me use the items to hide? Any idea will be of great help, thanks in advance.
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Oh but blackboard are the best :(
so true...
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I like the slate, but I always change my decor and now I want to hide it, but that doesn't mean I don't like it, it will only be for a while.

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Heya Jad.

The Dustbin can only be hidden with Store Item. Because it cant be destroyed or thrown out, but be careful any other item that isn't from store will be loss if you put it over this.
I show u an example:

On the other hand, to cover the blackboard, all you have to do is put an item or certain items that give you enough height to hide the blackboard from the top. This is not necessary to be a Store Item.