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Hello, Everybody.

There is some places that are localized on Free Areas, but only Premium Players can enter.

For example the new Brain Grounds from The Feaster of Souls Quest. This place can be found at the Jakundaf Desert between Kazordoon and Venore here:

and also when you are inside this place is located to the south of Rookgaard that is considerer able for Premiums and Free Accounts.

So it makes me wonder... ¿What others the places that are localized at Free Areas, but only Premium Accounts are able to enter?

Thanks in advance.

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Adding a few more places:

Hugo's passage: The place in PoH where you need a carrot to access.


The Demon Oak: You will never be able to access it as a Free Account.


Brain Grounds: Already mentioned in the question.

Pits of inferno: You can enter the area before the Magic Wall entrance, but not after that.


Pirate Dungeon near Northport: Part of a quest. You can hunt pirates there. Unfortuantely, you cannot access this area even if you are doing the quest. You need to go there during the Isle of Evil quest.


Thais Museum (MoTA): You cannot enter there as well. But you can go to the Thais Exhibition during Sundays.



Forgotten Knowledge Quest: You cannot access the bosses.

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  • Pits of Inferno, if I'm not mistaken, only premium accounts can pass by the Holy Tible door (if its not this door then is one of the following, because POI is 100% for premium accounts)
  • The Demon Oak, another quest in mainland, only for premium accounts
  • Forgotten Knowledge Quest (Thais bosses), this quest has teleports inside Free Account areas but they take you to premium account areas (most of them), so free accounts cannot enter it
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Oh, you can edit and add that you cannot pass the magic wall with the Tible, unfortunately. Back in the day, Free Accounts had the access to the epic Dragon Lord hunt, but they couldn't go further in the Pits of Inferno (at least this is what veteran people told me about). Nobody informed me where your access would end back them, but I guess it would be right after the holes with Dragon Lords.