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I always heard about Dwarven Caves being the top notch place for Sorcerers that want to get level fast, but nowadays, what is the best place to rush (even wasting gold coins) with a free account sorcerer? GFB on Dwarven Hell/Dwarven Maze? Or there are other options and methods to have a good amount of experience gain fast at least until level 50?

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Hello! There is some good zone for you to hunt on free respawn.

-Coryns: its a good respwn in Venore for free Accounts and low levels , you will need to go through the south exit on venore and then you go here (marked on map).

The loot is not bad , here is a list of notable loot you will need to be care.


Hope its useful for you! Have a good day!

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Hm, seems a good answer... But I got heavily damaged with a low level druid (less than 20) some time ago there... Should I focus on heavy defense armor?

Also, do they do well against Sorcerer traditional damages (like fire and earth)? Do you recommend the use of runes if I got money to spend?
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They are weak to holy damage and neutral to ice fire and physical damage so you will be fine with avalanches or gfbs. In lvl 20 you will have to be careful since if many of them hit you maybe you die by combo, so try to bring firewalls or firebombs rune to have son scape and kill it in the amount you want.
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Great to know it! Thanks!