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ATM i have 55/55 skills, any advice about training or leveling will be well taken!

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For training at 55 you may still be able to use rotworms...but your best bet is a hole under a tree to the east of dwarf bridge. Once you go down the hole head north and into a sewer grate. There are slimes there and the northern part of the room makes it so that only one can hit you.

8-20 Try the amazon camp north of venore. Loot the protective charms to sell on the market. Once you've hit level 20 you will have plenty enough cash to gear up.

20-40  dark cathedral, dwarf guards, under mnt sternum, shadowthorn (loot holy orchids),

40-70 previous spawns are still usable, but at this point you can add orc fort and venore coryms.

70+  carlin/kaz dragon spawn (not super new but new enough that alot of people don't know about it)
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Thanks for your advices and zones! Right now  Im looting some charms and medicine pouches in venore till lvl 20/25, to get a nice gear to "start the journey as a real adventurer"  xdd
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And adding to it, 70+ can be done on Plains of Havoc. Quite interesting hunt in my opinion. Over there you can reach some places with bushes and trees where you will be able to "trap" only one GS attacking you, which will make your fights much more easier. It will be a medium profit and a nice exp, especially if you got some excellent prey bonus. there is a hole there with some Dragons and Dragon Lords that are worth mentioning. Since it is a very diverse hunt (with wyverns, hunters, undeads) all over the place, you will help a lot your Charms counting.

Warlocks and Lost Dwarven are other options once you get over 100 I think, but I'm sincerely clueless on how or when to hunt these things. You will need a really high level to face these monsters as a Free Account Knight.
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If you are above level 50 go to POH and try hunt GS. It'll depend your equipment and patient since you must kill one by one. Try to heal using mana potions instead of strong health potions but bring a lot of them just in case. Remember: is not possible to block GS respawn so be extra careful. I would start with the single resp near Vampire and Witch resp, southeast of Dark Cathedral. Keep there for some time and avoid go north to face more than one GS. You don't need bring food, there are many wolves near.
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Now i have skills 60/60, i'll put this on my future lvluping zones haha.