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I'd like to know what are the best hunts I can do until I reach lvl 100 as a sorcerer (FREE ACCOUNT).
For example:
lvl 8-15 = Swamp Trolls
lvl 15-25 = Amazon
25-40 = ???

I can't get much XP from the amazon anymore and I don't really want gold right now, only XP as fast as possible.
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Just solo correct?
Yup, just solo

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If you just want exp and doesn't mattter if you profit or waste, buy lots of stealth rings and AoE runes (as long as your lvl is enough to use them) and go mintwallin (only the mino mage sees you invisible) and orc fortress (beware the orc leader and the orc warlord, though, since both see invisible and can hit quite heavy on a low level).

This way you can rush really fast until level 65.

After that, if you can have a blocker (knight should be around level 100) and a healer, you can go on carlin cemetery. It is a harsh hunt, but you'll xp as hell there until you get 100