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There are houses in the game that are popular, so their rents are high even considering the size. There are also houses that are not so popular and their cost of monthly rent is relatively small for the size of the house. which one? (top 5)

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Hi Tynusiiaa!!

There is my Top 5:

Old Sanctuary of God King Qjell536 sqm300 000 gp
Lost Cavern471 sqm200 000 gp
Low Waters Observatory479 sqm400 000 gp
Eastern House of Tranquility268 sqm200 000 gp
Fibula Village, Villa222 sqm200 000 gp


And IMO apart of the quantity of SQM, they also have an special and unique desing and for me that also counts to be considered a special houses with a good rent in special the first 4.
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There's a list in TibiaWiki that you can sort by "rent per sqm": https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/All_Buildings.

According to that list, these are the 5 best houses (not including guildhalls):

1. Lost Cavern in Kazordoon (425 gp/sqm).

2. Old Sanctuary of God King Qjell in Gray Beach (559 gp/sqm).

3. Eastern House of Tranquility in Farmine (746 gp/sqm).

4. Hare's Den in Outlaw Camp (833 gp/sqm).

5. Low Waters Observatory in Ankrahmun (833 gp/sqm).

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Houses are private buildings that can be rented by players. They can be found anywhere in Tibia. Houses come in three forms: there are normal houses that are designed as resting places for single characters or for small groups of friends, shops in which players can build up a prospering business, and guildhalls in which whole guilds can find shelter!

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