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Accourding with TibiaWikiBr and TibiaWikiFandom the Ancient Lion Knight  can drop the Lion Items ( Lion Spellbook,  Lion Hammer, Lion Plate, Lion Amulet, Lion Rod, Lion Wand, Lion Axe, Lion Shield,  Lion Longsword, Lion Longbow, Lion Spangenhelm).

I have spend 1 hour killing this monster and it didn't drop anything good, actually is was just bad items like, hams, dirty cape, twings, dirty fur... my best loot was a Dark Armor.

Can you tell me if this is true that this monster can drop this item? If is the case maybe you have some screenshot of the loot?

Thanks in advance.

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Today, one of the Polish youtubers with the nickname zarakso dropped a lion rod from ancient lion knight

This video confirms that lion items can be dropped from ancient lion knights:


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I think youll find the likelihood of Lion items dropping is just very low, so it will take time for them all to drop.
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16:07 Loot of an ancient lion knight: 3 platinum coins, a lion plate, a dirty cape, a dirty fur  

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Hello! Can you please add you loot with the screenshot ? :) in your answer.
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Ohh, ofc, all those items can drop of this boss. On my server, my friends already looted Lion Amulet, Lion wand, Lion Spellbook, Lion Rod, and Lion Longbow. "I think"the helmet, plate, and shield is most rarely as on falcon, but not impossible.

Good lucky!