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Ancient Spawn of Morgathla was implemented at 2017 winter update. In order to fight the boss you need to use a Strange Mallet on a golden gong. The Strange Mallet can be acquired by giving one Mallet Handle, Mallet Head and Mallet Pommel to the NPC Gnominimus. The itens are rare drops from warzones 4~6 bosses.

This boss seems to be strong and hard to kill while it is very hard to access. What is the best loot confirmed from him? There might be a very rare loot that is still unknown such as Hammer of Prophecy from The last Lore keeper.

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Ancient Spawn of Morgathla.gif Ancient Spawn of Morgathla (tibiawiki.com.br)

Loot (Best):

Ancient Spawn of Morgathla.gif Ancient Spawn of Morgathla (tibia.fandom.com)

Loot (Best):

If we take the information of tibia.fandom.com, I think there's not more rare than it. The Last Lore Keeper The Last Lore Keeper is the most hard boss to do at the moment.

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Well, I guess that library final boss is harder than The Last Lore Keeper.