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I know there's a section about bosses in any wiki fansite which also depics the bosses from each kind and the ones that exist but are either unreachable or not active in-game. But I remembered one time in a NA test server long time ago, (must've been 6-7 years ago) CM's summoned a never seen before boss monster bellow the center depot in Venore which would wave outside his screen range and kill everyone. If I'm not mistaken it was a pharaoh boss, but I can't remember exactly which boss was or if I'm confusing it with another random boss, I couldn't find any information of a pharaoh boss that hasn't been seen in-game so I don't know if I'm confused . I just have te memory of being there at the time, so that made me wonder, which are the bosses that haven't been killed in regular game world or that just don't exist in-game or have an unknown/unreachable location?

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Image you mentioned, under depot of Venore

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Ancient Lion Archer is also unreachable.
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Thanks, I gonna add it.