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Every year from events or updates new items coming up, and sometimes happens that the items to start just in a price and increase everyday and others just starts really expensive and became cheaper after some time.

For example:

The last update appeared new weapons and set the  Phantasmal Axe was one of the most expensive items the first days was around (25kk) and now after 3 months the price of this item is around 2kk+ 

Same happens with the Plushies dolls from Orcsoberfest when they appeared they prices was around 3kk and after some hours the prices just decreased considerably.

So by saying this how the prices works? And how to know then is the best time to buy a item after it appears?

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In my opinion, there are many such tips, but it is difficult to say it clearly.

  • when it comes to items from new updates, it's best to wait and sell all those you drop on a regular basis. they rarely grow in value.
  • it is worth investing in rares that dropped from bosses that aren't daily, they aren't likely to lose value.
  • best way to buying things from events is immediately after the event - then they are cheaper than during the year (for example cupcakes, plushies, horns for Ursagordon)
  • Items such as ferumbras hat, clusters or dream matters and blessings are also worth buying after larger bosses - then they are cheaper.
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well if it's a new item you probably needs to wait a few months to buy it bc less people will have it make the prices higher but after some time months (or even a year after update) it will have a lower price than when it was introduced or (if have enough level ) try to loot it yourself but if its easier to loot it will become cheap easily and in this case is better to just sell it while still is expensive...