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About the new decorative items anything concerning Will the decorative items be limited as Hunting Task decorations or can we sell them in the Marketplace? Are the 25th Anniversary rewards character-based? Are the 25th Anniversary decorations able to be sold to other players?
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I think you should edit the question to "Are the 25th Anniversary decorations able to be sold to other players?" or "Are the 25th Anniversary rewards character-based?" Something like this :)
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Do I have to change even if I have doubts about the market? In case I received the flag because my question is not valid? But anyway I will use these arguments below, thank you.
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Edit, thanks for editing :)

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All but not the ones from the quest ( skulls etc.. ) can be sold at the market as far as i know
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They have been  marketable since they  were added to the game.

You can sell them while in the box, or after being unboxed.

The present kits etc cant be sold  after you've unwrapped them in your house, nor can the quest (For example the  skulls and bridal wreath)items be marketed yet.

Divining rod, and that gauge that  was given with it, is also not able to be placed on market.