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I'm a big fan of making an almost-passive profit while I'm logged off, so I try to keep a number of buy offers on the market at all times. So far I've mostly been focusing on Green Djinn and Rashid items, because I can make ~1k a piece profit on a number of them.

What are other, possibly lesser known items that are worth buying on the market and then selling to an NPC?

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There is another way to win easy money and thats the market. So how you can do money on market? I will try to explain below some methods and some tips.

  • First tip for buy and sell to get profit is to buy from market every creature product that is only sellable to Yasir , why this? because when Yasir has not appeared many people sells all the valuables they get on the hunts on market , and they will accept easily if you are buying it from less than NPC since they prefer to insta sell and get money to split with the team rather than waiting Yasir to appear. You can check Yasir to see the hole list of items that he buys.

  • The other way is simply but slow , there is many many people that prefers to sell on market all the backpacks of loot they have. Because there is many lazy people or they just dont have the specific Djinn quest (eg: you have many Blue Djinn items but you can sell only on Green). Well since this happens they will agree to sell for example Knight Legs for 4500 gps instead of 5000gps that is the normal price on NPC. So you just have to put buy offers of all Green/Blue Djinn items on 500gps under the normal price. With this method you can win like 1kk per week, is not that much for some people its very helpful (note: the profit will depends on your initial balance , the more money you have the more items you can buy).

  • Another method is to Buy/Sell TibiaCoins, TibiaCoins change its price continuosly so you just need to know when they will raise and when they will fall. Well , you have to know that TibiaCoins normally raises like 2k per TibiaCoin when there is near a doubleExp or RapidRespwn event, this happens because people buys a lot of ExpBoost and Preys .. etc. Another thing that makes TibiaCoins raises is that there will be a Update Soon , this happens because on Updates they normally implement a lot of new things on the store and people that likes to buy deco will buy many TibiCoins on market so thats also a good moment to sell TibiaCoins.  So try to buy TibiaCoins when those events are not close and then sell them when you see that they raise like 1,5k-2k, as the method before the profit will depends on your initial investment of money.

Hope this helps you! if you need more info just comment below

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That's helpful, thanks! Could you copy the part about the market? I'll select it as the best answer then. (Saves people a click)
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If you want more info about how to profit check my answer on this question:


I show some methods to win profit (quests, imbuements, tibiacoins...etc)