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You don't need to specify every single item impossible to sell in the market, but if possible, it would helpful. My main question here is to understand what categories and types of items are impossible to sell through the Tibia market to other players, thus requiring only traditional trades among players. Does anyone know the answer?

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here's a list of items that aren't sellable via the market, please note there are exceptions to this list:

  • corpses

Dead Batdead batSlain Vampireslain vampire Dead Chickendead chicken ...

  • money

 Crystal Coincrystal coinPlatinum Coinplatinum coinGold Coingold coin

  • books, scrolls, documents etc inscribable by players or not

 Red Gingerbread Heart.gif red inscribed heart Golden Gobletgolden goblet  Book (Gemmed)book (gemmed) Gamemaster Dollgamemaster doll

  • most filled liquid containers

Coconut Milkvial of coconut milk Mead vial of mead Oilvial of oil ...

  • most items with an expiry date

Magical Torchmagical torch Diamond Arrowdiamond arrowsBlue Noteblue note ...

  •   items that aren't 100% charged

Pair of Soft Bootssoft boots with 10 minutes left Dwarven Ringdwarven ring with 2 seconds left  ...

  • items with imbuements

Rod of Destructionrod of destruction with imbuement attached for example ...

  • some quest and event items

Blood Vialblood vial Envelope from the Wizardsenvelope from the wizards Beer Tapbeer tap ...

  • fansite items (not replicas)

Assassin Doll assassin doll Omniscient Owlomniscient owl Midnight Panther Dollmidnight panther doll ...

  • store items

Baby Rotworm (Store) baby rotworm All-Seeing Tapestryall-seeing tapestry Violet Round Cushionviolet round cushion ...

  • some things you cant place in your depot or backpack

Standing Mirror standing mirror leaves Ornamented Stone Tableornamented stone table ...

  • most keys

Silver Keysilver key Bone Keybone key Copper Keycopper key ...

  • other items not listed on market

Balloon Clothballoon clothSnowman Packagesnowman package ...

*of course i didn't make a complete list of items that aren't on the market because there's a lot! please note some items can be added to the market in the near future as some things that aren't on the market are bugs like the enchanted theurgic amulet Enchanted Theurgic Amulethere's a question as to why the enchanted theurgic amulet isn't marketable but plans to be fixed

an additional list of items that can't be placed on the market (keep in mind some of this can be inaccurate but it's worth noting): https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Non-Marketable_Items

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Someone voted me down on my answer, not sure who did but I think it was out of spite....
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For example, you can't place fansite items on the market. At the market you can only buy replicas of these items.

List of fansite items:

Abacus Abacus

Adamant Shield  Adamant Shield

Assassin Doll Assassin Doll

Bag of Oriental Spices Bag of Oriental Spices

Black Knight Doll Black Knight Doll

Bookworm Doll Bookworm Doll

Cateroide's Doll Cateroide's Doll (Activated)

Citizen Doll Citizen Doll

Crunor's Heart Crunor's Heart

Dark Wizard's Crown Dark Wizard's Crown (Activated)

Doll of Durin The Almighty Doll of Durin The Almighty

Dragon Eye Dragon Eye

Dragon Goblet Dragon Goblet

Draken Doll Draken Doll

Dread Doll  Dread Doll

Epaminondas Doll Epaminondas Doll

Ferumbras Doll Ferumbras Doll

Friendship Amulet Friendship Amulet

Frozen Heart Frozen Heart

Golden Falcon Golden Falcon

Golden Newspaper Golden Newspaper

Goromaphone Goromaphone

Hand Puppets Hand Puppets

Heavily Bound Book Heavily Bound Book

Imortus Imortus

Jade Amulet Jade Amulet

Journal Shield Journal Shield

Key of Numerous Locks Key of Numerous Locks

Little Adventurer Doll Little Adventurer Doll (Activated)

Loremaster Doll Loremaster Doll

Lucky Clover Amulet Lucky Clover Amulet

Majestic Shield Majestic Shield

Mathmaster Shield Mathmaster Shield

Medusa Skull Medusa Skull

Memory Box Memory Box (Activated)

Midnight Panther Doll Midnight Panther Doll

Music Box Music Box (TibiaSpace)

Nightmare Doll Nightmare Doll

Noble Sword  Noble Sword (Activated)

Norseman Doll Norseman Doll

Old Radio Old Radio

Omniscient Owl Omniscient Owl

Orc's Jaw Shredder Orc's Jaw Shredder

Phoenix Statue Phoenix Statue

Pigeon Trophy Pigeon Trophy

Scroll of the Stolen Moment Scroll of the Stolen Moment

Shield of Destiny Shield of Destiny (Activated)

Shield of Endless Search Shield of Endless Search

The Epic Wisdom The Epic Wisdom

The Mexcalibur The Mexcalibur

TibiaHispano Emblem TibiaHispano Emblem

Tibiacity Encyclopedia Tibiacity Encyclopedia

Tibiora's Box Tibiora's Box

War Backpack War Backpack

You can't put on the market Contest Prizes awarded by Promoted and Supported Fansites as well as CipSoft to contests winners or to players with outstanding work helping the Tibian community. For example:

Arcane Insignia  Arcane Insignia, Badge of Glory  Badge of Glory,Golden/Silver/Bronze/ Trophy of Excellence Golden Trophy of ExcellenceSilver Trophy of ExcellenceBronze Trophy of Excellence.

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Unfortunately, I can't add more items due to the word limit. You can find the full list of contest prizes at: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Contest_Prizes
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interesting, so a contest item will never be on market... Good to know about that!
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i know some items

Bunch of winterberries and sugar

 Decorative red,blue,green sheets

Wild desert Rose

 Veldt Flowers

Voodoo Lily Pollen /  Grey - Blue Powder

Omrabas' Heart

 Colors of Magic Powder

 Sack of herbs

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nice! Is there more items like that? I think that the beer tap as well is considered a item that you cannot sell on market... Strange, isn't? Makes no sense to me do that!
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I think yes, I like editing post in future, but it is too much items to paste here. Beer tap has recently been sold?