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So I understand that there's certain items you can't sell on the market. However, why not? Is it to be traditional and sell the old school way? I've been trying to find this answer with no luck. I just want to know out of curiosity and not to complain. Not like I have much of these items anyways.

More information here if interested: Which kind of items I can't sell on the market?

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The reason why this can't be done strictly depends on the type of item we are talking about.

Fansite items are the one that you can not sell via Market. I remember why they were removed from it. It was few years ago (2015 or 2016, I'm not sure) and there were drama that all contests are frauded, that admins let win their friends best rewards to make cash in game. You know, that time fansite items were more prestigious and it's price compared to other items were impressive - nowadays eq is more expensive xD). Because of this drama CMs decided to remove it from Market to make selling fansite items harder.

Another type are items where you can write something - goblets, Miniature House, contest's rewards like medals or trophies, tapestries of honour and more... It's because these type of items are usually highly personalized, so they are not intended for sale.

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First I've down voted you and in sequence I removed the down vote because I was in doubt about you explanation. The downvote now isn't from me but I must tell that in question that aren't opinion based we must not answer based in our opinion or speculation, we must be right about the info that we are giving right?
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I removed first paragraph and left only those aspects, where I'm sure that my answer is correct.
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i voted your question up right now because it sounds right only thing is source. is this word of mouth or where did you get your source right? it obviously makes sense so i just want to make sure.
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Some other items that cannot be sold on the market are the imbued items. It also seems that any kind of personalizing or changing the attributes of the items makes them unsellable on the market. (After the imbuement is finished or you remove it manually, it can be sold again). The same goes for the items that are possible to write on, as mentioned before, like a Miniature house.
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Most of the itens that cannot be sold or market are related to quests.

There are also some itens that are customized and therefore can't be sold because on market. This is the case of fansite items that have the name of the winners on it or for Tapestry of Honours that have different numbers and the guild / age written on it.