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I use market to farm money.
I plan to create some new characters at diferent worlds and make money with market (imbuement items, addons, etc.)
Which are solid and nice worlds to create characters to farm money with market?

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If You want to focus on making money through market by selling imbuements items, I strongly advise You to search low populated pvp server, dominated by higher levels. Prices of imbuement items are usually higher there, beacuse of lack low level players to farm them. (Focus on mana leech/vampirism and critical hit items)
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Literally any world which is not dead and thus has demand on those items......
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If you want farm money with imbuements need check every world, try to estimate the population of server, the buy/sell offers and the price of Tibia Coins, all of this you need check, to find a best way.

The best need be, good population, low sell offers, low Tibia Coins price.