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What items can I get the max of profit in a week, what items I can buy a lot of easy and then resell to NPCs or in the market?

Rashid, Djins, Yasir, items for reselling to other players.

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To maximize the profit, when you have not much money in the balance, I would focus in the cheap and stackeable items, such as the ones used to imbue, or the ones sold im telas (these ones are realy good because in many server not many people have the quest), and my favorite ones to buy and resell are the demonic essences because they are easily droped by so many creatures so there is always somebody selling.

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It very much depends on the server and the population size.

Another aspect would be how much time you want to invest. Are you looking to set up a buy offer and just leave it be for a few days or do you refresh them constantly?

On most servers green djinn items such as knight sets work very well. Main reason for that is most likely that they weight a lot and people don't want to deliver them to the npc themselves. This applies to almost every heavy djinn item.

Rashid is more contested as you can sell to rashid way faster and even from dp when he is in carlin. Try to scout out some less contested items.

One thing i found out to be profitable if you can afford to refresh your buy offers a lot is small gems. People are lazy. Have a char in the eastern depot of venore for gems. Just check on all of them, small, enchanted and even stuff like gold ingots. Just walk the char upstairs, sell the stuff and put it back down. These are usually highly contested so you really need to update your offers alot.

Other than that just put buy offers and sell offers for imbue and/or outfit items and hope for the very best.
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The answer is all items, you cant just gonna try buy one or two items, to be a reseller of NPCs need buy ALL TYPES of items remember at the end the profit come in few gold coins per pieces per item.
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for buy all itens you need have a lot of money, i want to know what best itens to resell
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You can start buying few pieces of some items, most regulars like K set, wand/rods and antoher way can be buy/sell creature products (Best used on imbuiments).
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A similar question has already been asked some time ago.

I can't stress enough that the only thing the really has value in Tibia are Tibia Coins.
What you can do is set the offers and wait.
Those will bring proper profit and 100% safe investiment.

Nontheless, this, like any other ' Auction House ' system, is heavily based in market analysis.

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Well... from my experience I do way more money with demonic essences than with TC.
Tc are usualy in 15k on my server (and most servers around), so 25 would be over 375k. If the value decreased to 14k and u bought 25, you would be profiting 25k every 25 tc you buy.
Buyind demonic essences I usualy profit between 100 to 200 gps each one. So buying, let's say 388, what would cost me  350k (same as 25 tc in 14k ea) I woud be profiting over 40k.
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All the other items are drops from mobs, TibiaCoins on the other hand, are a parallell currency that have value outside the gameworld.

With that being said, Tibia Coins are the only asset that in fact will always have value.

If you intend to 'profit' through any item, say, Demonic Essences, on the next update more mobs will drop demonic essences or the drop rate has changed. Their value will change accordingly, so unless if you have inside information about what CipSoft intends to do on future updates, any item is mostly gambling.

Whereas Tibia Coins have value no matter what.
You can change a lot ingame but Tibia Coins still have value and it's far easier to predict values than any other item.
If CipSoft decides to stop its operations tomorrow, in theory, what they'd do is 'but TC back at a very low value', they'd only buy tibia coins back, not gold, not items, not rares, nothing. Only TCs. That's usually how MMORPGs that have died operate.
It is, undoubtly the safest of items, in my opinion.