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With the Winter Update a new outfit came up, someone can tell me How to get the new Rascoohan Outfit Full?

Thanks in advance.

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You get the base outfits by finishing A pirate's tail quest when you defeat Ratmiral Blackwhiskers.  

To get the first addon you have to use a soap  Which can be dropped from Tentugly's Head Tentugly's Head.gif

To get the second addon you have to use a Scrubbing Brush 

Both items are a drop from Ratmiral Blackwhiskers.  
"Your deeds have been noticed and the following items dropped by Ratmiral Blackwhiskers are available in your reward chest: a scrubbing brush, a small treasure chest,-5 mastermind potions 10 great mana potions, d crystal coin, 10 ultimate health potions, 20 platinum coins"

Full outfit: 

Upon using both items you will get the achievement: Honorary Rascoohan

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Heya! If you can add where to find those items will be appreciated!
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