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There are so many mines in Kazordoon, but I wonder which one has the best concentration of dwarfs among all of them in Tibia. I tend to finish Dwarf Guard and Dwarf Soldier before the Dwarf bestiary... Any thoughts?

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Hi FPoPP! The best place I would like to recommend you to finish this bestiary is at Dwarf Mines (west of Kazordoon), there easily walking you will face around 150+/- of Dwarfs (, , ) per cave.

If you have the key 3802 (reward from the Emperor's Cookies Quest) it will be really useful, because with it you will be able to access all the 4 caves that connect there which is shown in the picture below. 

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Would you do a route with all 4 corridors opened? :)
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Sure! I will add a pic of each corridors and how many monster you will face.
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Awesome! that would be great!
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If you are looking to complete all Dwarfs (regular, Soldier, Guards, and Geomancer) I would recommend doing them during Rapid Respawn. I always try to limit duplicate kills. If you get a bunch of kills now in the upper parts of Kaz mines you will still get more later doing Geomancers.

Doing Geomancers in the Circle Room Quest will also get you soldiers and guards completed.

I would then go to the Port Hope Cave and run through this hallway killing around 70 regular Dwarf per 5 minutes.

This is assuming you are a higher level and just doing the kills for bestiary.

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70 regular kills per walk? Nice cave!

Oh, the Circle Room is excellent for Guards, Geomancers and Soldiers. I did a video about it. But I noticed that the regular ones are curiously less easy to kill fast since the hoards of guards and soldiers are more dense. Kazz mines are also tricky due to the fact that we deal in tight corridors, so it is not easy to lure all of them in a fast way.

Thanks a lot!
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That was the best spawn I was able to find for regular dwarves. It was 70+ kills per 5 mins running mostly the north part of the cave. These numbers are all during rapid respawn.