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For example, can CipSoft know how many Thunder Hammers are currently present in Tibia servers? And if they do, can they track each one of those Thunder Hammers and know where those items are (which house, which player etc.)?

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Yes, it is certainly technically possible. Every item has a unique object ID, so they would just have to scan the data of all servers and count how many objects with the ID 3309 exist. And by finding them, they would be able to tell where they are - a character's inventory, depot, house, etc. 

Now, whether they have a tool for that or not, we don't know. I don't remember they having ever published anything suggesting they do, but perhaps they have created some tool to be used in bug investigations, for example. 

Not only that, but a lot of events that happen in the game are registered in logs. It's impossible to know what exactly is logged, but these logs can and are used for game balancing and possible bug abuse investigations, among other things. 

For example, back in 2019 players discovered a method to abuse the Reward System and get rewards from a boss fight without directly being involved in the fight. In a news post about that, CipSoft presented charts with the number of Falcon items and Silver/Gold tokens dropped over the previous 2 months. 

So we can even infer that CipSoft can not only find how many Thunder Hammers exist and where they are, they may also be able to track down where they came from, maybe the history of market trades, etc. Of course, it all depends on how much info they log, when they started doing it, etc. 

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They have a lot of mechanisms to determine the cloning of items which was a huge problem back in the day. If for example, cloning will be available only in one place they have logs of characters in that place. I believe they have more tools than we can imagine.