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Let's say I don't own the item at all and I want to know before I purchase it what it can be imbued with, how can I tell? I'm thinking there are rules to imbuing with some exceptions so I'd like to know what the rules are exactly?

Here's the research I've done so far-

  1. In the Cyclopedia, it shows me which items are allowed to have imbuement slots but it doesn't show me the type of imbuements.
  2. On TibiaWiki, when I search Rod of Destruction for example it doesn't show me all the imbuements that can be added to the rod.
  3. If I own the item and go to the Imbuing Shrine it won't show me all the imbuements it can have if I didn't finish or start the quest. I don't trust other players with my items and I understand I could ask in chats but no players seem to be helping me at the moment.

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Hey Shawtay!

Very very good question.

There are some easy rules with some exceptions, I guess. (Note: I may add/change my answer a little, once I have done more detailed research)

  1. In general holds if a certain protection or skill boost is given already by the armor, you mostly cannot imbue it again with the same. This holds e.g. for cobra rod (no additional life leech) or cobra wand (no additional critical hit) or bear skin (no additional earth protection).
  2. Imbuings are mostly vocation bound. This is why general items such as demon helmet or dwarven armor cannot be imbued with magic level. The only exception I know right now is falcon coif: knights and paladins are "allowed" to boost their magic level up to +2 (but +4 as for mages is not allowed) by imbuing this item. 
  3. Armors can only be imbued with life leech and protection. Exception: unless a certain protection is given by the Armor, for example bear skin and earth protection, then earth protection is not possible on top. Armors have to be protective.
  4. Weapons' role is to be strong during a fight. That means, protections cannot be imbued on them but life leech is possible. Also skill boosting and critical hit imbuements are the most common for weapons and rods/wands. As far as I know again, imbuements are vocation bound here. A mage e.g. cannot boost axe or distance skill on a rod/wand. But magic level, sometimes (!) life leech and mana leech are possible. The imbuing type always has to "match" to the weapon type. E.g. distance skill boosts for bows/crossbows. (I need to check if sword skill boost is possible on axes for example)
  5. Shields/Spellbooks are used to be protected. Again, they are similar to armors only imbueable with elemental protections.
  6. Legs are currently not able to be imbued.
  7. Boots are imbueable by paralyze protection only.
  8. ​Soul items have many exceptions. Here I need to do some more research, as I do not possess any of those.

Hope I could help! :)

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Thank you, will wait until your confident in your answer :) Great research so far