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It's been said on Wiki that for my surprise, Cowtanas can break with use. How many times can we use it before breaking, approximately? Is that good to use on characters such expensive weapon early on if it eventually breaks?

Page giving the information above:


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Wow! I never read it O.o

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This information is not accurate, the Cowtana does not break.

The wiki is not right.

By personal experience, as I've used a Cowtana for fun on some characters, though not for an excessive long time of course, as it's a mediocre weapon, I can attest it does not break.

Moreover, there's an ancient discussion here

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Thanks for clarifying this! Seems that we should notify the Wiki about the mistake!
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Wikis are by definition kept by the community, there's nobody to notify.
What should be done is to simply change it or start a discussion on the wiki entry itself to then change it.
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I know how a Wiki work. I never stated that there is a single person to be notified. I only posted that the conclusion reached on this thread should be notified there in order to avoid the spread of this most likely false information.

The only reason for me not doing it is that I didn't have the time to do it when I posted the comment above yesterday.