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I would like to get several of these bags. Where can I find these and what can I do to accumulate such item?

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1. This item is a reward from doing mission "Quenching the Thirst" in Krailos Quest. 1. This can be done multiple times (daily), however, the river/lake north to Gorza must be dried out (it will be colourful). Note that if you will not complete the task on same SS, you will have to start mission from the beginning.2 It takes 10-15 minutes to do the mission. 

2. It can be obtained by opening Mysterious Remains3. You have 3% chances of getting it4. Mysterious Remains are dropped by Bosses from:

- Cults of Tibia (6 bosses)

- Dreams Court Quest ( 6 bosses)

- The Heart of Destruction ( 6 bosses)

- Secret Library (2 bosses)

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