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I want to add this beautiful bottle to my collection of quest items and I just got the first one from the NPC. Is there a way to obtain more than one from Fitzgerald? Cause I also want to get the achievement.
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it's a great question! I would also like to know...

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After an extense investigation I came to the conclussion you cannot get more than 1 Fitzwilliam's Special Reserve. And here's why:

Usually, quest items that are obtainable more than once are items that cannot be replaced on missions that cannot be missed. But for this, the mission is a complementary mission with no questlog that is only meant to grant you an achievement.

I came back to Fitzgerald several times and clicked on it for quite a while and he didn't gave me another item. So I tried next with going to Fitzmaurice without the item and maybe ask him questions that would "reset" the mission for me and allow me to get another sample of Fitzwilliam's Special Reserve. But instead, I found out that he just grants you the achievement without having the item with you, as if you had already gave it to him, another reason not to get the item again, if the quest is set to be finish without the item I guess its cause you can't obtain it again.

After all, it would make sense that such a fine wine isn't something you can easily obtain a copy from.