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During the Oramond quest there is an item you obtain called Ominously Glowing Pill. Is it possible to get more than one of these and how?

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Yes! After you have completed the task in the questlog, just ask Roswitha again, however, when delivering the letter to Alastar, you need to say "hi-glooth print" and continue doing the quest normally.

At the end you will get another ominously glowing pill as a reward :)

Tip: if you like shiny things to decorate, when talking to alaistar, you can say "bye-hi-glooth print" during the quest several times, and he will always give you one more.

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For the pill or both please update when you can :)
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for the glooth print is like I said: if you are delivering the letter, you can ask how many times you want...
for the pill: i was wrong, is not every 20h... you can make it ALL the time! if you finish one time, you can just ask the drink and make it again and again
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1h is the cooldown to get all 3, I finally got it right