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At Yalahar magical quarters there are two field walls that, when you try to pass throw, says:

You may not enter without a sacrifice of elemental soil

What are elemental soil, how can I obtain it and where can I use them?

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Elemental Soils can be obtained in the "Elemental Spheres Quest", you need at least level 80 to start it.

In that quest, each vocation will need specific jewells to enter the secret realm:

  • Knight: 20 Small Enchanted Amethysts
  • Paladins: 20 Small Enchanted Sapphires
  • Druids: 20 Small Enchanted Emeralds
  • Sorcerers: 20 Small Enchanted Rubies

Once you have your stones, head to the Edron Magic Academia and ask Arkulius for the mission.

Now go to the middle tower, lowest level (where you can find the elemental portals), here:

Turn OFF the machine and use all the 20 stones in it. After using all the stones turn the machine ON and you will be teleported into the Secret Realm.

Once inside you will find some creatures (they are different for each vocation) and they will be the ones who drop the ELEMENTAL SOILS (note that each vocation will loot a specific kind of soil, example: knights will loot ENERGY SOIL).

The Soils can be used to respawn a "mini-boss" in the secret realm and thus continue the Elemental Spheres quest AND it can also be used to enter the Demon area in Yalahar.

If you have any doubts about this quest, here is a good guide: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Elemental_Spheres_Quest

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To enter Demons in Yalahar you need to put there one of the 4 soils (take the cheaper on your world).  You can get soils bykilling monsters while doing The Elemental Spheres Quest. Every vocation needs other type of items to and enter and can get 1 type of soil 

  • Energy Soil from  Overcharged Energy Element and  Charged Energy Elemental - only for knights, they need to have 20xSmall Enchanted Amethyst to enter the spawn.


  • Glimmering Soil from  Blistering Fire Elemental and  Blazing Fire Elemental - only for sorcerers and they need to have for entrance 20xSmall Enchanted Ruby

  • Iced Soil from  Roaring Water Elemental and  Slick Water Elemental - only for paladins with 20x Small Enchanted Sapphire for entrance

  • Natural Soil from  Jagged Earth Elemental and Muddy Earth Elemental - only for druids with 20x Small Enchanted Emerald.