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 I have artist's brush but today I found  Artist's brush with paint on floor in depo.

 I read that paint is obtained from the boss.

Penciljack - Does it appear every year on Tibia's birthday to get paint?

How can I use a brush with paint?

is there any achievement for it?

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Artist's Brush (with Paint)  you can use it on Artist's Easel (with Canvas)      (   +)

When you use a Artist's Brush  on a Artist's Palette you will get a Artist's Brush (with Paint) .

If you use it you have to chance to get one from beautyful Painting 

It was introduced during Tibia's 15th and 20th Anniversary

Penciljack They appear probably every 5 years.

There is no achievement for that.

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You could get it at Tibia's 20th Anniversary too.
It'll probably be available on others Major anniversaries.
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Ohh yea you have right i add it also. I hope we can get in others anniversaries. I was retired when this event are starts ;P
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You can use it on Artist's Easel (with canvas). 

You can get it by open Easel kit  from loot of Penciljack.

Remember to first use your brush in a Artist's pallete   Artist's Palette

There is no achievements on it.  By using it on canvas you can get 4 types of paintings (order by most rare to most common):

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aww, great point with use pallete, idk about this but i have one ;P