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There's many theories , I think it is a quest we just don't know how to complete it.

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Yes, it is a quest. The way to free those monsters are not known by many players though. And I do not think anyone has solved the entire quest. A rumored reward is the boots of water walking. (:
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thank you!
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There is so many videos around and interesting threads on Tibia Fansites about it that I simply cannot elect the best one among all. I don't have a final conclusion to it, but we can have a very obscure quest over there, very difficult to proceed though.

There are many videos on Youtube regarding the subject (I've had contact with a good amount of them being in Portuguese). I guess that this channel will focus on the Serpentine for a while. check out if you think that these theories make some sense:


I didn't see the last one released but the part one was pretty good.

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thans for your response!
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As I see maybe we need a Item not implemented in the game (At the moment) to complete it. I mean you need some items to open the rooms with the mobs, maybe with the item can continue opening this rooms.
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Yes. There's many theories, i think it is a quest we just don't know how to complet it.
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thank you!
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