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I just saw this video where it is explained why food is not worth using.

Basically, it is said that the regeneration of health and mana provided by food is insignificant compared to the amount gained by using potions, and therefore not worth it.

I am still not convinced because I believe that even if the regeneration is slow and small, in the long term it must amount to something which should have an impact in magic level (if the mana gained by using food is used). So my opinion is "better something than nothing".

I wanted to gather other people's advice and reflections about the topic, to decide if it is worth for me to continue using food in the game.

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I totally agree with you, better something than nothing. When I'm making my arrows before the hunts I keep my mana high just with food, and if you stay for a long time hunting of course it will have impact at the end, maybe you won't buy your Falcon Greaves because of it but money is money.
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You know nothing Jon Snow.
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I guess that food makes a lot of difference in early game. Long run, I would say that food made me spend less money overall in my experience in Tibia (I mostly played under the level 100).

However, I see that in the long run, due to the more intensive hunts that nowdays high level will ususally make, food is just an annoyance. But you certainly are correct, it is better a little of advantage rather than nothing!

Let's all remember that food will help to boost other significant regenration items, like Boots of Healing or Ring of Healing! So it sums up with other relevant items, which makes more attractive feeding yourself constantly!

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Food regeneration is insignificant as soon as a player start to use potions constantly on hunts.

I'll take an example of an EK.

In one minute he'll regenerate 15 hitpoint and 20 mana points. This means that in an hours hunting he'll earn 900 hitpoints and 1200 mana points. 

This is equivalent to one supreme health potion  and 12 mana with costs 1297 gp (you could spend less using exura ico). The most popular food to bring to hunts is the Brown mushroom and you'll need 13 (130gp) in one hour. This means that using food will save you in average 1167 per hour.

It is worth to use food, you'll save a bit of cap and a bit of gold. But the benefits are irrelevant in the long term.

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I use food always when I make runes on double. Food+Softs+life ring/Roh. For me it's worth, why not :)) 

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I'll weigh in as well. I think this question is really answered with what suits you best. Personally I like to take food with me when hunting because as others have stated, something is better than nothing. As a player I dont have a lot of money, so every little bit helps me. Im an EK and so have a lot of capacity, but i carry everything I could possibly need with me (not the smartest I know) and then some.  When im at capacity, I drop the food. If Im still hunting the area ill drop it somewhere I can easily continue to munch on it as I hunt.

Thats what works for me. Good luck with finding what works for you.

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I love to eat food in Tibia you don't gain weight, just energy! This energy makes you waste less money, gain more mana and health that you wouldn't have if you didnt eat food. If my characters hungry I get anxiety and simply make food because I can see a difference if I dont eat. I cant give you any math accurate numbers so I won't do that because I'm bad at calculating. But trust me on this - any food is good food in Tibia. I think its worth it because I know my mana stutters if I don't use it. Sure now that theres so many regeneration items it's hard to notice for some people but why not take advantage of something that costs so little (brown mushroom or by looting food for example).